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A gridiron gunslinger with a contagious spirit and un-definable devotion to the game, Brett Favre's history-making 16 seasons of uninterrupted starts with the Green Bay Packers is celebrated in Favre The Total Package. This intriguing and unique book couples statistical facts and photos with memories and collectible memorabilia, and opens with a very special foreword written by Bob Harlan, Green Bay Packers Chairman Emeritus. Essays from top sports writers, including Chris Havel and Chuck Bennett, take you through Favre's early years upward to his emergence as a Lambeau legend.
In addition to these fascinating features, you'll discover

  • More than 300 amazing photographs which capture the essence of Mississippi's favorite son and the Jets' new acquisition
  • Statistics that recount the facts behind the career of this Packer fan favorite
  • Value of Favredom – represented in popular collectibles such as bobbleheads and collector cards
  • Favre's favorite four plays – as told by the man himself To cap it off, in the back of the book you'll find a limited edition holographic Favre tribute card – and exclusive gift with your purchase of this one-of-a-kind book about a one-of-a-kind man.

FAVRE The Total Package is a unique book, posed as an innovative tribute project, complete with collector prices for Favre memorabilia, special sentiments by Bob Harlan and countless photos. I’ve attached a copy of the press release, for your consideration.

You can order the book through us directly at www.krausebooks.com, or Amazon.com, local bookstores, and at ShopKO stores around the Midwest.


This revised and expanded edition of Brett Favre: A Packer Fan’s Tribute contains everything from the first edition and more. Its chapters are devoted to the distinctive aspects of his play that returned the Packers to glory in 1996 with their twelfth World Championship and third Super Bowl victory.

Topics include: - The Streak: His incomparable record of 237 consecutive games at quarterback, a streak nearly twice as long as the previous record - Cold: The boy from the South won 90 percent of the time at Lambeau Field when the temperature at kickoff was 34 degrees or below - MVP: Favre is the only player in NFL history to be named Most Valuable Player three times – and he did it in three consecutive seasons - Super Bowl: Favre led the Packers to back-to-back Super Bowl appearances, including the team’s first Super Bowl victory in twenty-nine years - Comebacks: Fans always knew that no matter how little time was left in the game or how much distance the Packers needed to go to score, Favre could pull out a win - Rivals: Under Favre, the Packers won 75 percent of their games against their arch nemesis Chicago Bears in the NFL’s oldest rivalry - Fan Tributes: Dozens of fans share their favorite memories and offer their heartfelt words of appreciation to Number 4.

Brett Favre is one of the most popular athletes in America in all sports, and his jersey is the sixth all-time bestseller in league history, according to NFL.com. This revised and expanded edition is a fitting salute to an American sports hero.


1. Midwest Book Review: "Cold Wars: 40 Years of Packer-Viking Rivalry by football enthusiast Todd Mishler is an informative review of every game that these cherished Green Bay Packer and Minnesota Viking football teams have played since 1960. Filled cover to cover with anecdotes, insights and cheers from players, coaches, sports writers and fans, Cold Wars is enthusiastically recommended as an engaging history perfect for Wisconsin and Minnesota football buffs and could well serve as a template for writing books about other historic football rivalries!"

2. Tom Oates, sports columnist, Wisconsin State Journal: "Author Todd Mishler somehow manages to present both sides of a rivalry that in the 1990s turned into one of the NFL's best. ... It may be hard for Packer fans to hate the Vikings as much as they hate the Bears, but that shouldn't stop them from loving this book."

3. Bob Lurtsema, 12-year NFL veteran and publisher of Vikings Update magazine: "Reading Cold Wars was the greatest walk down memory lane I have ever encountered. ... I still hate the Cheeseheads, but they know I love them. This rivalry will never die.


Margaret Chapman, reviewer for blether.com” If you are football fan or simply enjoy a well written story then Overtime is the book for you. Make sure you get a copy. It will be money well spent on a book you won't soon forget.” Barbara Buhrer Reviewer for MyShelf.com ”The culmination of the main characters’ struggle is reflected in the game between Dallas and Green Bay. It is a suspenseful, colorful and beautiful narration. ”This is not just a romantic financial thriller. It is a paean to the Green Bay Packers. No football fan should miss the accounts of their history, their players their traditions. The loyalty of the Green Bay fans through good times and bad is steadfast. The accounts of the football games are graphic, and well done, with the reader able to picture the action.
Also order through Amazon.com "Tailgaten Cookbook"   This is the 5th edition of the Tailgaten Cookbook. This is a book of photo's and recipes of the Green Bay Packer fans as they tailgate at Lambeau field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. There are 148 group photo's and 163 tailgaten recipes in this edition.
Taigaten Cookbook Inc. 
N8443 Swansea Drive
Ixonia, Wisconsin, 53036

By Donald D. Sabatke


 "WHEN PRIDE STILL MATTERED"  Is an  in-depth biography of Vince Lombardi. In the biography, Maraniss traces Lombardi's rise, examines the myths and legends surrounding his life, and separates the human being from the symbolic character created by his success. Based on hundreds of interviews, supplemented by personal letters, documents, and other archival material, WHEN PRIDE STILL MATTERED covers:  * The fallacy of the "innocent past" that surfaced throughout Lombardi's football career.  * Lombardi's obsession with winning and how it affected his wife and family. * The powerful trinity of religion, military, and sport that shaped Lombardi's life. * Lombardi's connection to the mythmakers of American sports, from Grantland Rice to Howard Cosell, and the evolution of the Lombardi mythology. *Lombardi's unlikely triumph in Green Bay and his emergence as a national icon.  * Lombardi's search for a deeper meaning in football and how he transformed his sport into a metaphor for the American experience. 

Named the Green Bay Packers' Most Valuable Player for his performance in last season's Super Bowl, Brett Favre's illustrious career with the team is profiled in this fascinating book. This is a story of a hayseed turned hero, the tale of a kid who lost a lot of his intestines--and nearly his life--in a car accident, but he never lost his zest for competition. He's a fighter, a talker, a winner, and a superstar with the Green Bay Packers. of color photos. 

This is a story of a hayseed turned hero, the tale of a kid who lost a lot of his intestines--and nearly his life--in a car accident, but he never lost his zest for competition. He's a fighter, a talker, a winner, and a superstar with the Green Bay Packers. of color photos.
This inspiring autobiography from two-time NFL Most Valuable Player Brett Favre provides an honest, detailed look at the author's personal struggles along the way to becoming a successful pro quarterback. After overcoming an injury from a serious automobile accident in college, drug addiction early in his professional career, and persistent doubts about his ability to lead the Green Bay Packers to a Super Bowl, Favre met his challenges head-on and established himself as one of the sport's superstars.
Sports and Outdoors Editor's Recommended Book, 11/01/97: 
One of the unexpected offshoots of a championship season is that the history of the winners become interesting again. Of course, the Packers' past is long and storied; that Vernon Biever has been there to record it with his camera for more than 50 years gives the team's history another thread of continuity. This wonderful collection of vintage and current Packer pictures, accompanied by mini oral histories--from Don Hutson catching a pass to a pensive Vince Lombardi to a cheesehead in full battle array--makes for a delightful celebration of a unique professional franchise.
Provides an overview of the history and key players of the team that achieved greatness under Coach Vince Lombardi.
The renowned sportswriter collects the stories of the Packers's numerous NFL championships, the town that supported them through a twenty-year slump, and the team's victory at Super Bowl XXXI. 150,000 first printing." 
In 13-degree sub-zero weather, on New Year's Eve, 1967, the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers toughed it out in a classic NFL championship. Sportswriter Ed Gruver weaves the fascinating details of this legendary game into a quick-paced, suspense-filled narrative that plunges readers amidst one of the fiercest football rivalries of all time. The Ice Bowl details the history of two famous coaches-Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry-and the coaching philosophies that made them and their teams legends. Gruver successfully evokes many individual players' stories of endurance, drive, and strategy. Ample background, personal interviews, action photos, and an undeniable passion for the game all contribute to this compelling account of the long-time rivalry that culminated on the "frozen tundra" of the Ice Bowl. Includes diagrams, game and season statistics, and complete Ice Bowl play-by-play.
Paperback, 240 pages 
Published by Krause 
Publication date: August 1996
A commemorative edition of the biography of the man whose legacy inspired the 1997 Super Bowl champions, Lombardi profiles the complex and unique individual who is thought by many to be the greatest football coach of all time. 135 photos. 
Based on interviews with more than 200 people who knew Lombardi, unpublished family papers, and previously private memoirs, Vince clarifies the 30 years of mystery and contradictions that have swirled around Vince Lombardi's reputation.
In 1966, the Green Bay Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys for the NFL championship. The teams' intense rivalry in the following 1967 season would culminate in one of the most classic football games of all time--the Ice Bowl. Now one of the most irreverent sportswriter in the business brings the final game of the '67 season to life, vividly profiling the players' distinctive personalities on and off the field. 
Glenn Swain's Packers vs. Bears is the history of one of pro football's oldest rivalries. The Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bars have clashed over 150 times on the football field in a 75 year timespan leaving a trail of bruised egos, broken bones, bloody noses, star players, and legendary names like Halas, Lambeau, Starr, Lombardi, Butkus, Nitschke, Hornung, and Payton. Packers vs. Bears is the definitive book on Packer football and a "must read" for all Packer fans! -- and those Chicago folks too. 

Packers  Facts & Trivia

5th Edition Paperback, 240 pages 
Published by E B Houchin Co 
Publication date: October 1997

Green Bay  Packers Facts  and Trivia

6 Edition Paperback, 256 pages 
Published by E. B. Houchin 
Publication date: September 1998

The Green Bay  Leap of  Faith 2 : God Loves  Packer Fans

Believe! God does love Packer fans. Take a leap of faith and let God unite with you; while reading this spiritual, outstanding, motivational book by Steve Rose. Steve Rose is the author of "Leap of Faith" and the sequel is "Leap of Faith 2". It is a spiritual gateway between heaven and Green Bay. The book is filled with several Packer players new and old; including Reggie White, Robert Brooks, Mark Chmura, Ken Ruegettgers, head coach Mike Holmgren, and many more. Read and jump with Robert Brooks into your faith

Mudbaths and  Bloodbaths :  The Inside  Story of the  Bears-Packers  Rivalry


This Day  in  Green Bay Packers  History

Paperback, 224 pages 
Published by Angel Press of Wisconsin 
Publication date: January 1998

Titletown Again : The Superbowl  Season of the 1996  Green Bay Packers

Published by Addax Pub Group 
Publication date: August 1997

Back-To-Back  Pack;  The Official Story  of the1997  Green Bay Packers

Published by Addax Pub. Group 
Publication date: February 1998

Packer Legends in Facts

Your Most Accurate Source of Stats, Rosters, Team History and All 
Team Photos of the Green Bay Packers 1919-1994 : 1995-75th 
This is the number #1 Sports edition in Wisconsin over the past 4 years. To accumulate all the team pictures(1919-1994) and action photos starting with the 1935 season was an ambition project. It is 
an impressive volume of history with 416 pages and over 280 photos which includes all team photos & over 200 action photos.

Packers Legends in Facts

1992 - The Holmgren Era - 1997 : The Green Bay Packers 1992 1997  This new edition is Volume II. It updates all previous issues of Packer Legends published first in 1992, then in 1993 and last in 1995. This new edition is all color except for some brown tones fron early years. Super Bowl Trophy XXXI is printed embossed in silver foil on the front cover. You can actually read the team names and the score!
The Road to Glory The Inside Story of the Packers' Super Bowl Xxxi Championship Season by Bob McGinn (Hardcover) 
Published by Adcraft Pub 
Publication date: February 1997

Titletown:  The Green  Bay Packers  Journey to  Super Bowl Xxxi 

The Green Bay Packers' Unforgettable Road to Super Bowl Xxxi 
Published by Adcraft Pub 
Publication date: February 1997